Monday, June 28, 2010

T Shirt Envy

We would set our kingdom ablaze for Patti Smith's hand me downs.

We are lucky enough to get our hands on some ridiculous t shirts that she would have worn beautifully... pit stains and all.
Lonely Ladies was a company out of San Francisco that made these amazing portrait t shirts. Keith Richards was one of many including Katherine Hepburn, David Bowie and Marilyn Monroe. You could order them out of the back of Playboy etc,,and they came with a poster.

Ellen Page wears an authentic vintage Lonely Ladies Keith T from Filth Mart.

These kind of super duper awesome rare shirts are very hard to come by and hard on the wallet. Lucky for us, our friends at Sophomore have made some kickass ts for 2010. Usually we find it hard to get behind new t shirts, but Sophomore does it right. Their ts are soft, thin, with good necklines and a great fit. Check them out All the cool kids are doing it!

Sophomore Memory Motel T

MNDR wearing Sophomore.

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