Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love it when this happens...

Killer tune for a killer shirt! Check out some Grootna....its a little long, but what else were you going to do for the next 5 and a half minutes?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Filth Mart customizzzzed vintage sweatshirts

Everybody loves a sweatshirt. And so do we! Especially World War II era through the 1960s. Sweatshirts from that time were constructed so nicely with amazing attention to detail. Long rib on the cuffs and waistband are trademark design elements that make these sweats so good looking. The fit is way more chic than any random sweatshirt. Trust us. Anyway, when digging through massive amounts of crap to find said era of sweatshirts, we find many that are too stained or small to sell as is...but we don't have the heart to leave them behind. Instead, we use them to make one of our favorite items. We dye over paint and stains, add zippers or buttons, repair any serious damage and voila...a one of a kind, rugged yet very stylish little number we like to call the Filth Mart custom sweat. I even wear one while making them!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Robert Zimmerman

While listening to Blood on the Tracks, it occurred to me that Bob Dylan is the perfect candidate for a Filth Mart blog situation. It is my humble opinion that if you say you don't like Dylan, then you've never actually Listened to the words. That said, his personal style has its own thumbprint not unlike his music. He may not jump out as a fashion plate, but his influences can totally be seen on every hipster in town. From his perfectly sized, floppyish fedora (which you will never find) and his tapered floods to just the right amount of dishevelled hair...the guy is everywhere.

*photo by Autumn De Wilde of Harper Simon wearing a vintage Bob Dylan 'Desolation Row' t shirt and army shirt from Filth Mart. One of the Best shirts we have ever had. sigh...

What's the Point?

of this new blog, that is.... Well, we here at the marche' du filth have decided that we need to educate folks on what exactly Our type of 'vintage' is all about. When Filth Mart opened, the term vintage was fairly new and meant something completely different. Vintage was a way to dress in antiques, if you will...bowling shirts and wingtips, pencil skirts and cardigan sweaters, gunnie sax was costumish. If you were wearing vintage, chances are you might have had a hairstyle to match. We would like to think that we had a hand in changing that. By offering 'pieces' like t shirts and jeans and perfectly worn in denim jackets, we helped create a more accessible everyday kind of style. Our particular aesthetic is on the rock n roll tip because that is our main influence,,,but that doesn't mean that vintage isn't for everyone. A vintage tailored blazer and jeans might be worn by a chic grown up lady....or hip hop guys will wear a nice levi's two pocket denim jacket with their brand spanking new kicks...every dude wants to look more rugged because someone else made their perfect leather cafe racer look that way for them...What we're getting at here is that vintage is cool and unique, and when done the right way,,,,super good looking. So that's the point. We want to show cool pieces and the history behind some things...and the influence this stuff has on current trends. Who is wearing it and more! That is all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sign Of the Times

Soooooo Filth Mart is a'bloggin!! Stay tuned!